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I am new to this site and I do not do drywall professionally. I can do it and well, but to be honest with you guys you do not get paid enough for what you do. I changed up a while back from framing construction to installation of fire prevention sytems to get to the money. I have worked in most areas of construction and alot of the trades don't get paid thier werth either. Every thing and I mean everything in construction has gone to the slamb, bam thankyou mam system. I noticed on the last couple of jobs i was on that drywallers are using these plastic glue on inside corners, much like the bull nose outside ones.any pros or cons to them. The drywaller who taught me swore by mud and tape, the fibermesh self sticking tape he said was junk, and he was right. I just started seeing the inside corners used around here. Next question i watch crews fill mud boxes and all but run down the walls with them, they tape, apply a filler coat and then top coat. one day for each, in less they are in a big hurry. some texture some don't. My question here is that every job like this if you go back a couple of months later you can see every single seem in foot wide patterns. Does the mud dry down over time and shrink up. The guy that taught me learned from a veteran i guess you would say, the kind that you fill nail holes for the first year and then when you can do that you move on. I was taught that if you want nice walls you need to strike 10 each way of the center. Do the rest of the pros agree. My old friend who taught me the basics isn't around any more so I thought i would ask the opinions of this board for insight. With this economy in the dump it seems as if guys are cutting thier own throats to get work. I know we all need jobs but working for damn near free won't get any of us anywear. My two cents Coupe
Category: Drywall Post By: Kyle Compton (Houston, TX), 02/10/2018

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